Terms of Service


  • By using and any of it's services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.
  • reserves the right to edit these Terms of Service at any time. All edits will take effect as soon as they are posted on this page and your use of of services thereafter will be bound by the new Terms of Service. We therefore recommend you read the Terms of Service upon every visit.
  • Terms of Service last updated: 8 June 2019.


  • Each user/household is permitted to one account.
  • The use of Proxy/VPN or any other services to mask your IP address are prohibited.
  • Each account must have one unique Bitcoin address.
  • All accounts must have a validated and permanent email address.
  • If we suspect account abuse in any form, we reserve the right to terminate any associated accounts without notice and remove any BTC.


  • Bitcoins are sent instantly to your Bitcoin address linked to a FaucetHub.io account. Please open a FaucetHub.io account if you do not have one.
  • All withdrawals will be made via Bitcoin (FaucetHub.io). No other method of withdrawal is available at this time.
  • There is no minimum withdrawal amount, however there are daily withdraw limits based on your level. Refer to the Levels page for more information.
  • We are responsible only for submitting your withdrawal to FaucetHub.io. Any action after that is to be handled by FaucetHub.io support.
  • All withdrawals are final and no refunds will be given for incorrect Bitcoin address submitted. Please make sure that the correct Bitcoin address is submitted.
  • We reserve the right to withhold withdrawals if fraud is suspected.


  • You are not allowed to earn from a referral with whom you have shared the same IP address or Bitcoin address.
  • You will receive 10% of earnings from all referrals. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have.
  • reserves the right to terminate an account and reverse all BTC earned from yourself or referrals without a prior warning if it is found that you have violated the Terms of Service.


  • services are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.
  • cannot be held liable for any other damage caused by the usage of this service.
  • cannot be held liable for any money spent/paid by the usage of this service. Complete credit card/purchase/trial offers at your own discretion.
  • cannot be held liable for any offer not credited.
  • is currently in a testing phase (Beta) and as such any and all game values and mechanics can be changed without warning.


  • does not provide any guarantees whatsoever about the results you might get when using this service.

Last but not least

  • Please abide by the following simple rules when using this website:
  • 1- Please do not use bots.
  • 2- Please be civil when contacting us and refrain from using strong language.
  • 3- Please do not try to abuse the free giveaway by creating multiple accounts and collecting the free prize more than once every hour using proxies or similar IP address changing applications/services.
  • If you are found to be breaking any of the above rules or trying to gain an unfair advantage to abuse the service, your account will be deleted and your account balance forfeited.